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Complex solutions in Security, Information technology and trade domains
Elements information technology
Office equipment

High-quality office equipment at the lowest prices. Various solutions for small, medium and large companies.

We provide you with fast delivery of retail and corporate orders. Our managers supply the most modern office equipment from leading brands and manufacturer.

office equipment
  • Printers, MFPs and printing equipment;
  • Duplicators;
  • Copiers;
  • Shredders;
  • Telephones, facsimile devices and office automatic telephone exchanges;
  • Stationery, coolers and other office supplies;

Computer equipment for the office from leading manufactures. Any volume. High-quality components.

The modern technologies and solutions for any size offices. Complex and individual solutions of any complexity and quantity of supply.

Best options for performance and price.

Our managers supply the computer equipment at the most attractive price in corporate and retail segments.

office equipment
  • Computers and monitors;
  • Accessories for offices computers;
  • SSD drives and external devices;
  • Computer peripherals;
  • Multimedia;

KOVI PLUS provides the most innovative network hardware for offices, companies and private sector.

The newest devices providing high quality and round-the-clock access to the Internet are purchased directly from vendors and dealers on the best terms.

Active and passive network equipment from such manufacturer as Microtic, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Ubiquiti Networks is presented in our wide range.

The portfolio of the company's solutions has projects of varying complexity, ranging from LAN for a small office to large infrastructure projects in the cities of Ukraine.

network equipment
  • Fiber link and twisted pair wire;
  • Routers, switches, modems and manual exchange;
  • UPS and voltage regulators;
  • Vandal-proof cabinets and boxes for network equipment;

Laptops for office work and home use. Maximum autonomy and portability at your office and home. A wide range of devices for both the corporate segment and private use.

Our managers will help you to choose the best option for your needs at a reasonable price. The range includes models from leading manufactures such as Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Dell and other brands.

  • Office laptops;
  • Productive laptops for work;
  • Ultrabooks;
  • Game devices;
  • Gadgets with a metal case;

The newest software from leading developers from all round the world. The assortment includes both Ukrainian and foreign development.

KOVI PLUS provides corporate clients with the most optimal solutions in the field of software components, including our own development.

Our experts also provide integration services of basic software into your computer networks (Microsoft, Dr. Web, Kaspersky, Adobe) and specialized software solutions industry-specific projects.

  • Office software;
  • Software for security systems and access control systems;
  • Programs and components for commercial equipment;
  • The latest developments in providing "smart house" systems sphere;
  • Installation and testing of programs and components on your equipment;
System administration

Our managers will provide you with full complex of works connected with the system administration of your enterprise’s computer networks.

Our specialists will be happy to help you with the tasks related to the calculation, implementation and maintenance of information systems.

All scope of work is conducted in close cooperation with other structural company divisions. It is necessary for correct integration complex solutions in administration sphere of security systems and trading server equipment.

Kovi plus provides turn-key solutions based on software from MikroTik, Cisco, Unix, Microsoft and others.

  • Setting up computing equipment;
  • Installation of switching networks;
  • Installation of auxiliary equipment at the facility;
  • Installation and configuration of software;
  • Put into operation the server equipment;
Server equipment

The newest server equipment for office and enterprises allowing you to automate all production processes and create a single management center.

The servers allow to combine disparate data, organize all your information and simplify accounting process of all indicators and arrays.

office equipment
  • Servers and storage systems;
  • Server housing and cooling;
  • Memory modules and components for server equipment;
  • Accessories and additional equipment;
Elements security systems

Signaling is a special set of devices that is designed to alert the owner of the illegal penetration of a trespasser to the secured area.

Kovi Plus offers you a wide range of signaling systems in different price categories.

You can choose the most appropriate system for your house, office or other premises. With only 2 clicks order its installation from our highly-qualified experts. And, our prices will pleasantly surprise you as well.

fire safety
  • Autonomy and efficiency;
  • Connection between the security panel and the owner in GSM systems;
  • Complete equipment consisting of sensors, control panel, communication devices and signaling devices;
  • Competent installation and put into operation

Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways of security assurance including a wide range of functions, which can be enabled later.

Our qualified managers will gladly assist you to choose the necessary equipment, install a video surveillance system of any scale and level of complexity, price category.

Our qualified managers will gladly assist you to choose the necessary equipment, install a video surveillance system of any scale and level of complexity, price category. Hikvision, Infinity, Novus, Samsung, Dahua, Axis.

  • Continuous monitoring of secured premises at any time;
  • Connection between the security panel and the owner in GSM systems;
  • Collection and processing of events information;
  • Integration with access control systems, security and fire alarms;
  • Detection of movement in controlled areas;

Biometric access control is the latest cutting-edge solution in the new generation of security systems. With this type of installation, you can limit the access of undesirable persons to the area as much as possible.

The newest algorithms for reading information will allow you to get an access in a few milliseconds, and reduce the probability of error up to an absolute minimum.

  • Innovative and trendy solution for your facility;
  • Access by fingerprint, retina or other biometric data;
  • High recognition speed;
  • The ability to read the number of spent hours at the object or workplace;
  • Maintaining the database of customers, visitors, employees

Reliable providing of your objects with a fire alarm system from Kovi Plus

You will be provided with a professional project of your system, comprehensive estimate of installation costs by the most attractive prices on the market.

You can order both wired solutions and wireless autonomic systems.

  • Full range of installation services and putting in operation;
  • Maintenance and servicing any type of devices and systems;
  • High sensitivity of all transducer, for maximum safety;
  • Each kit contains such devices as smoke detectors, control and indicating equipment, indicating units and UPS;
Access control system

A set of software and hardware solutions with installation and maintenance in order to limit and control access to your facility

The main advantage of access control systems is full automation and usage of the latest technologies. Our managers have gained years of experience in estimation, selection, and installation any types of systems.

  • Radio-frequency and biometric solutions;
  • Application of the latest information and measurement technologies for maximum system accuracy;
  • Complete estimation of work expenses and selection of the most suitable equipment;
  • Utilization of the latest software;
  • Reliable protection against mechanical hacking and cracking of software components;

Solutions in the "smart home" sphere for households, offices and other facilities. Innovative technologies, combined with the Internet connection allow you to automate all engineering systems in conjunction with the functioning of home appliances. Our engineers are experts with extensive experience in creating innovative smart home systems using the latest technologies.

  • the household comfort level increasing;
  • Energy saving;
  • Providing security and access control to the facility;
  • Informing the owner about any malfunctions in the systems, or about all violations;
  • Availability of budget and premium packages, as well as solutions in the middle price category;

Remote control with an intercom provides you with the maximum level of control and also allows you to find out all the information about the visitors of the facility.

The most popular solutions are video and audio intercoms, which are widely represented in the assortment by Kovi Plus.

Our specialists also provide installation services of intercom systems at the most complex facilities and regularly support our customers.

  • Video intercoms and budget audio solutions;
  • Ability to record video;
  • Ability to negotiate;
  • Remote opening of electromagnetic locks;
  • Moderate price for apartments, houses and offices;
Installation work

Conducting installation works of any complexity utilizing the most modern technologies and accessories.

High professionalism of our installation department allows us to take on the most complex projects and quickly solve any question.

Along with the installation by Kovi Plus, you will receive a fully realized project "on a turn-key basis". Main stages of that are the competent estimation and putting into operation.

  • Detailed estimation at the planning stage;
  • Selection of all necessary components;
  • Installation of equipment in all areas of the facility;
  • Installation of all necessary software;
  • Launch of the implemented project and transferring it to the customer;

Development of design documentation is an important step in the implementation of optimal project in the security field. Our experts develop the entire package of documents for the object, starting from the integration / construction project, finishing with the documentation for the equipment operation.

A comprehensive approach to design and estimate documentation guarantees you the optimal terms and custom developed solution. Our extensive experience in the field of security system integration allows developing documentation of any complexity, whether it is for a small office or for larger infrastructure premises.

Also, our managers will select the optimal solution and make the necessary adjustments to reduce costs at the planning stage.

  • Survey of the object and development of requirements to the system;
  • Preparation of technical specification and technical design;
  • Software development for managing mounted systems;
  • Preparation of working documentation for supervisory organizations;

Progressive fiscal equipment from leading manufacturers. Autonomous and centralized solutions for different types of companies. Full accounting of all sold goods and services, as well as instant printing of checks for the customer.

Our managers have a proven expertise in the area of fiscal machinery; they help you to select the most profitable solutions taking into consideration your conditions.

  • Autonomic electronic control cash registers;
  • Electronic control cash registers;
  • Cash systems;
  • Accessories for payment transactions recorders;

Commercial scales for stores, warehouses, retail outlets and other enterprises. High accuracy, the availability of additional options and all possible form factors will allow you to choose from the range of products exactly what you are looking for.

At the same time, our experienced managers will calculate the optimal terms of delivery for the equipment and help you to choose the optimal solution for your business.

  • Trading and commodity scales;
  • Medical and laboratory devices;
  • Scales with label printing;
  • Platform and automotive;
  • Systems of weight marking of products;
  • General purpose scales;

Special furniture for the layout of products is an important part of equipping your outlet. The visual design of your sales outlet and the competent arrangement of all products depends on the special furniture.

Kovi Plus is engaged in the sale of the most modern commercial furniture manufactured by leading manufacturers. Made according to all quality standards, commercial furniture for your business will be an excellent interior element of your store, show room or goods delivery point.

  • Facades and shop windows;
  • Shelvings and shelves;
  • Fire-fighting cabinets;
  • Wine cabinets and chests of drawers;
  • Lockers for storage of personal belongings and storage;

Refrigerators for retail outlets are an important part of the commercial equipment presented in the assortment of our company. Freezing and refrigeration equipment will allow you to store and sell perishable products and goods that require a special temperature regime.

Also special refrigerating display cabinets allow you to place goods competently for distributing. Professional refrigeration equipment is specifically designed for bars, restaurants, shops, canteens and outlets.

Our specialists will supply advanced refrigerating equipment as soon as possible.

  • Refrigerating and freezing chambers;
  • Refrigerated display cases;
  • Refrigerating and freezing chests;
  • Ice machines;
  • Cooling chest;

Banking equipment is required to convert and check bills for any outlet. Kovi Plus is engaged in the delivery of various banking units, that will simplify collection, recalculation of money, and identifying fake banknotes or coins.

Also, our specialists will help you choose the most suitable devices for your business at the best prices.

  • Counters of banknotes and banknotes;
  • Detectors of currencies;
  • Banknote sorters;
  • Accessories to banking equipment;

About us

Take care of your own and your family’s safety today

Кovi plus has been operating since 2007. Over the years, the company has become a major player in the professional trading server equipment market, computers and office equipment market and security systems market. Since 2012 company has had a corporate orders support department that is responsible for work with large wholesale customers as well as our retail portal ULT.COM.UA.

Our managers are experts of solving various tasks related to the supply and installation of professional equipment for your business. Years of experience, a significant number of implemented projects and satisfied customers prove that we can find individual approach to each client. Cooperating with Kovi Plus you will receive professional and competent support at all stages of the project: from calculation and ordering to commissioning.

Our managers always resolve your problems applying nonstandard and optimal approaches.


Take care of your own and your family’s safety today
Client orientation

Cooperation with KOVI PLUS is a partnership, based on trust and respect. Client is always right –that is our main principle and we are always ready to provide you with the best terms!


We strive to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with our partnership. Cooperating with us, you can be assured of speed and delivery time. Ordering goods or services in the company Kovi Plus, you get only the highest quality service!


Continuous development is our goal. Therefore, cooperating with us, you always get only the most topical solutions to your needs. The newest technologies, the latest solutions in the field of trade and security - all this will allow you to facilitate all processes and take them to the next level!


Our work is an integrated approach to tasks in the trade and security sphere. Our clients require an individual approach, and we give it. Cooperating with Kovi Plus, you get both standard and non-standard solutions.


By virtue of our cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, we minimized the delivery time and reduced costs. Collaborating with KOVI Plus, you can definitely count on operation efficiency.


By virtue of lower costs, we offer our customers the most profitable terms of cooperation at the market. Only with KOVI Plus you can not only promptly solve your problems in the security and trade sphere, but also do this at a reasonable price.

Our clients

Properly chosen equipment provides you with protection and safety in the future
In addition, our company successfully cooperates with the following organizations: МД Ритейл, Добрый Купец, МакМаркет, Хаск, Квазар, кондитерская фабрика «Сахарок», кондитерская фабрика «Балу», Компания БИР, Служба доставки, Фреш Групп Маркет, Государственные органы: Днепропетровский горсовет, Харьковский горсовет

Our team

You can visit our office or leave order, we are always in touch.
Vitaliy Kylchik

Head of the team. He has extensive experience of working with all types of security systems. He has been in the area of system integration since 2007, when the company was founded. The main area of his activity is security systems and video surveillance, as well as cash equipment and server solutions. He has partner and business relations with all leading suppliers and system integrators of professional equipment and security systems in Ukraine. He relies on new technologies and always finds an unconventional approach to solving objectives.

Андрей Крикун
Andrey Krikun
Executive Director

Managing manager of a high level. He has been in trade since 2007, when the company was founded. The main activity is trade equipment and interaction with the FMMG segment. A key person in the company management system. His high professionalism and ability to establish partner and business relations with both suppliers and customers allowed the company to reach the next level and made KOVI Plus one of the leading players in the professional equipment market.

Александр Саул
Alexander Saul

Managing Partner and co-founder of the investment company Ukraine Finance Partners. Specialist with more than ten years of experience in the investmentfield at the Ukrainian and international markets. Leading specialist in the management of financial assets. The main activity is working with institutional and private investors, capital management, assistance in implementing effective international standards of financial reporting and values. Alexander's business qualities allowed KOVI Plus to enter the all-Ukrainian market and become one of the most reliable and stable partners for many key companies in the field of trade, manufacturing, infrastructure facilities, as well as government institutions.

Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano
Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano

The strategic partner and investor KOVI Plus, the manager with a worldwide reputation. Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano has more than thirty years of experience working with emerging markets. High professionalism, reliability, ability to anticipate economic trends and react quickly to market changes allowed Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano become one of the key investors both in Ukraine and in a number of other countries with a promising investment climate. Participant in a large number of investment conferences, Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano is one of the best specialists in investing at emerging markets. By virtue of a partnership with Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano, the company KOVi Plus has the capabilities of local and international cooperation, as well as reliable long-term access to investment resources

Dmitriy Golovin
Dmitry Golovin
Head of Corporate Department

Working since the opening of the corporate department of KOVI Plus. A competent expert in the work with tender applications, as well as wholesale supplies.By virtue of many years of experience, Dmitry Golovin has become a specialist who finds solutions to all tasks in the field of supply and installation of equipment of any complexity. An unconventional approach to the problem, fast project implementation times and transparent reporting - this all characterizes Dmitry Golovin as a specialist who will do everything possible to make sure that the client is satisfied with the cooperation.

ult Kovi Plus has its own online shop

Since 2012 company has had a corporate orders support department that is responsible for work with large wholesale customers. Our company suggests wide range of home appliances, computer equipments, security systems.

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